Marple Newtown Youth Lacrosse is a non-profit voluntary organization whose primary purpose is to teach and promote the game of lacrosse in a fun, safe and sportsmanlike environment. As a youth league, MNYL is dedicated to the skill development of lacrosse

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Lacrosse Terms

     A lot of terms are used in lacrosse and it can be confusing, particulalry for folks new to the game.  Set forth below are definitions for some of the more common terms used in the game:

CRADLING:            To help maintain control of the ball while running or dodging, a player will turn his top wrist and arm (i.e., cradle) to force the ball into the back of the pocket.
CLEARING:         Running or passing the ball from the defensive half of the field to the offensive half.

CREASE:             The circle around the goal that has a nine foot diameter and which only the goalie and players on defense can enter. 

CUTTING:           Where a player without the ball darts to a teammate with the ball to receive a pass.

FACE-OFF:         Occurs at the beginning of each quarter and after a goal and involves two opposing players squaring off against each other at the center of the midfield line. The ball is placed on the ground between the players' sticks and, on the whistle, they fight to gain possession of the ball.

FAST BREAK:    Occurs when the offense has a man advantage and is breaking towards the goal. It typically involves a 4-on-3 situation and provides an excellent scoring opportunity.   

FEED:                   This term is typcially used to describe what happens when an offensive player with the ball passes to (or "feeds") a teammate who is cutting to the cage.

GLE:                     Short for "goal line extended," which is an imaginary line that extends straight out from both sides of the goal line.

INTERFERENCE:  A player will be called for interference if he does not stay stationairy when setting a pick against an opponent who does not have the ball. 

MAN-DOWN:      When a player is in the penalty box because he committed a penalty, his team than has to play man-down (or with one less player) against the other team, which in turn is then playing "man-up."

MAN-UP:             When a team has a man advantage because the other team has a player sitting out because he committed a penalty.

PICK:                   A pick ouccrs when a player without the ball positions himself so that an opposing player is blocked from covering or defending against his man. The player setting the pick must stay stationairy during the pick or else he will be called for intereference.  

RIDING:             When the offensive team loses possesion of the ball it then must play defense (or ride) against the clearing team in an attempt to stop them from clearing the ball to their offensive half of the field.

SLIDING:           When a player on offense dodges past the guy playng defense against him one of his teammates on defense must shift his position or "slide" to help pick up the offensive player to stop him from getting to the goal.